The country lists and rules can alter at anytime by the relevant Ukranian ministries and authorities.  Site ownership makes the best effort to update, but will not accept any responsibility for any wrongful or missing information.

List of RED ZONE Countries

Last information update 03.10.2020
  • Andorra
  • Argentina
  • Bahamas
  • Bahrain
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Cape Verde
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Czech Republic
  • France
  • Iraq
  • Israel
  • Kuwait
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Luxembourg
  • Maldives
  • Malta
  • Moldova
  • Montenegro
  • Netherlands
  • Oman
  • Panama
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • Spain
  • USA


A traveller, who has a certificate of COVID-19, with a negative PCR test, from another country issued not maximum 48 hours before arrival, will be relieved of the need to undergo COVID-19 testing using the PCR method after crossing the state border or undergoing an observation if the citizen has arrived from a country entering the “red zone”.

People who cross the state border of Ukraine should install "Dii Vdoma" application and can choose one of three options:

1. Observation in specialized isolation centers

2. 14 days self-isolation at the place of residence, who have agreed to undergo it using the "Dii Vdoma" mobile app. This address can be a hotel or another accommodation in ANYWHERE in Ukraine 

3. Pass the COVID-19 test using the PCR method after crossing the state border or at the airport, if a functioning stand/kiosk operational. 

If citizen of "Red Zone" or Ukrainian, who returned from "Red Zone" does not want to undergo Self-Isolation during 14 days and wants to perform PCR test to cancel the Self-Insulation he/she must comply with following rules:

1. In all cases please download "Dii Vdoma" mobile app and specify his/her phone number as well as place for undergoing Self-Isolation;

2. After crossing border, the person has 24 hours to get to place of Self-Isolation. During this time mobile app will automatically remind person to note whether he/she has arrived at destination place or not;

3. During these 24 hours it is possible to perform PCR test in laboratory/clinic that are in the list of the Public Health Centre. Or any other privately run clinic in Ukraine that provides the PCR test. 

4. During the test, the person must provide laboratory with his/her phone number linked to "Dii Vdoma" mobile app and fill in the informed agreement for data processing. This information could be shared by other public and government offices and agencies. If you take the test in a PRIVATE clinic, he/she will be only giving this sensitive information to the relevant clinic and ,if any, agent that she / he employed. Which is covered under the terms of his/her initial consent , where each party agreed according to their data protection rules. The fact of crossing the Ukrainian border should be indicated in the agreement if it took place during the last 14 days with its exact date indicated. 

5. After performing test, the person shall go to his/her place of Self-Isolation and note in app that he/she has arrived at destination place;

6. The result of test should be ready after 24-48 hours , if taken in a public institution. 6-48 hours , if taken in a private clinic. 

7. The laboratory staff,  only by test taking person's consent, must forward the negative test result to Public Health Centre, by indicating the tourist’s phone number linked to "Dii Vdoma" mobile app;

8. In this way he/she will see eventually in his/her "Dii Vdoma" mobile app,  if Self-Isolation is cancelled automatically and he/she can leave the premises and travel;

9. "Dii Vdoma" mobile app shall not be deleted during the whole stay in Ukraine;

10. Person can’t enter negative test result by himself/herself to "Dii Vdoma" mobile app. He/she or an agent that was employed will inform the relevant authorities through the clinic that provided the test and result. 

11. Person can’t leave the place of Self-Isolation until he/she receives a message in "Dii Vdoma" mobile app about terminating Self-Isolation for him/her.

All foreign nationals must have Health Insurance Certificate. Such Health Insurance Certificate shall be issued by company registered in Ukraine, or foreign insurance company that has a representative office in Ukraine and/or is in the treaty relations with insurance company the partner in Ukraine.

Health Insurance Certificate must cover costs related to COVID-19 treatment, observation and must be valid during the whole stay of visitor in Ukraine.

The citizen from the red zone should install mobile app "Dii Vdoma" and be on self-isolation for 14 days, or on self-isolation before receiving the test results.

When passenger passing the passport control he should inform employee of the State Border Guard Service about his phone number* and the address of the place of self-isolation, and then show the appropriate window of the application.

It is forbidden to leave the place of observation by your own.

*Mobile app functions only with the SIM card of Ukrainian mobile operator. Please contact your air carrier to buy such SIM card. If not pre- purchased, please purchase it at the nearest chance.  

Questions / Answers

1. If a person needs to change the location or phone number in the app “Dii vdoma” for any reason?
Person should contact support of "Dii Vdoma".

2. How long does it take to get to the self-isolation place?

After crossing border  the person has 24 hours to get to self-Isolation place;

3. Can the person leave the self-isolation place?

During Self-Isolation period, the person has 2 hours per day during the daytime for personal needs. Therein he/she may leave the place of Self-Isolation to visit shops where groceries, personal care products, medicines, medical devices are sold. These shops must be located no more than 2 km from the place of Self-Isolation;

4. How does the lab pass the tests to the Public Health Centre?

Laboratory according to Rules shall forward data on NEGATIVE test result to Public Health Centre only "upon request of person". That is, if person does not request it, the data will not be forwarded and no notification on termination of Self-Isolation will be sent to mobile app.

5. Why should install the app "Dii vdoma" on your personal phone number?

Upon crossing border, the information about person together with his / her phone number is entered into database of State Border Guard Service of Ukraine and Gart system. These phone numbers are entered into database, from this moment, the person has 24 hours to get to place of Self-Isolation.

6. How to find out how much time has passed and how much is left to arrive at the self-isolation place?

When person enters his / her phone number into mobile app for activation the interface shows how much time left before activating Self-Isolation period.

7. Is it possible to be in Ukraine like transit?

Transit stay in Ukraine without self-isolation and passing the test is possible up to 48 hours.

8. If person goes to Ukraine in transit through the red zone?

This transit is possible up to 24 hours without quarantine upon arrival and passing the test.

9. Is it necessary to buy an insurance policy for children?

Yes, the policy is necessary for all tourists who came from the red zone.

10. Is it necessary to install the application "Dii vdoma" for children?

Children under 14 years traveling with their parents have the right not to install the app.

11. If person have a residence permit in Ukraine, will he/she need to purchase an insurance policy?

If a person with a residence permit came from any zone - he will not need to purchase an insurance policy. As their treatment will be covered by the PUBLIC Health Sevices of Ukraine.

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